About SemiMod:

Semi Modular Music and Sound is a bespoke music and sound design production company founded by Michael Paquette.  Michael brings over 13 years of experience from Hollywood, where he worked at two renowned creative advertising agencies.  He held the position of Vice President at Synchronic, Trailer Park's music library, and founded Taquito, Aspect Ratio's music library.

Throughout his career, Michael has composed music and crafted sound design for over 120 major campaigns in film, television, streaming, and video games. He also has a knack for creating memorable mnemonics for prominent brands and companies.

Michael's extensive experience and dedication to creativity ensure that your projects reach their full potential, effectively conveying the desired emotional impact to your audience. Choose Semi Modular Music and Sound for a professional touch that elevates your work.

For any requests or questions please email: Mike@SemiMod.com